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I’m excited to share what I believe is a very exciting initiative kicking off in London on the following the option of Open Banking in the UK. Having had such a huge response globally we are now looking to expand the meetup to other fintech centres and are this month launching in London.

Open Banking Excellence is an initiative originally founded by the Edinburgh finTech community to promote the use and unlock the value of Open Banking. Our focus is squarely on the practical benefits, use, adoption, education and awareness of Open Banking.

The objectives of the group are to:
– Grow awareness of Open Banking and consumer-driven benefits
– Establish the Open Banking Excellence meetup as a place where Open Banking workers, fintech’s and advocates gravitate
– Increase expertise develop real-world use cases
– Educate, Inform, Entertain through engagement as a community, with the community
– Proactively contribute to adopting global standards for PSD2

To be clear – this is all about how we showcase the value of Open Banking. How it can change the world and open up new opportunities for consumers and businesses alike.

You can find out more about the group at and

The format is casual but we always start off with a welcome chat, a spotlight on different topics and then move on to member introductions and some great networking.

This month we are focused on payments in an Open Banking world and will have talks from ThoughWorks, Curl and 11FS.

Please come along for a casual evening of practical insights and share the meetup so we can build a great community.